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oggi il team di sviluppo ha annunciato il rilascio della RC0 di Hyper-V, le maggiori novità sono :

Today the developer team announced th Hyper-V RC0 released, the major improvement are :

• Hyper-V MMC allowing for remote administration of Hyper-V servers from Vista SP1
• Support for Windows Server 2003 x86 2-way SMP
• Partial Localization. Hyper-V Release Candidate is partially localized in Japanese & German. This means that when Hyper-V is enabled on Windows Server 2008 Japanese or German many of its text strings will appear properly translated. In other cases, text strings may still appear in English. Hyper-V will be full localized at Hyper-V RTM.

• Numerous bug fixes for:

o International Locales: The Hyper-V Beta could only be enabled on an EN-US locale. Hyper-V Release Candidate can now be enabled on international locales; however, Hyper-V Release Candidate is only partially localized for Japanese and German. Thus, if you enable Hyper-V Release Candidate on any other language (such as Spanish, French, or Italian) it will appear in English
o Compatibility: Compatible with more hardware configurations
o Stability: Numerous issues under heavy load have been addressed
o Performance improvements          
o Additional fixes for scalability and reliability

In pratica hanno risolto anche il bug con il quale ci scontrammo tempo fà per il quale non era possibile installare il ruolo Hyper-V su un server con regional setting diversi da EN-US.

The team has solved also the bug that inhibited installing an Hyper-V role on a server with a different EN-Us  regional settings.

Buon testing a tutti.

Good testing to all.